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I have way too much fun finding this stuff on lamepokemonart. This was supposedly a mega absol gijinka. She looks like a Victoria Secret model gone horribly wrong.

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Found this mangled thing on lamepokemonart. Poor Brendan was put in the yaoi blender. He not only suffers from seme body (those yaoi hands!!) but from uke face as well. What a mess.

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Commission for nyebe on gaiaonline.

Commission on gaiaonline for So SexuaI.

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You know when you try to draw hands and you finally get the shape right but then you look end result and justimage

(Source: lardypotato)

Commission I did for ox-JackieCkAnnie-xo on gaiaonline

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What was this person smoking when they drew this? (Cis) men don’t have wide hips, thick thighs and hyper-inflated asses. OOCness is also a plus. Poor Levi had to break his spine in order to achieve this pose. He won’t be fighting titans anytime soon.

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Found this gem on lamepokemonart and couldn’t help but think to myself, “Professor Juniper! What have they done to you?” Yeah that blog showcases a lot of the horrific sides of the Pokemon fandom. Check it out if you wanna be scarred for life lol. Ahaha anyways I decided to fix her anatomy problems and prove that anatomy will always equal sexy, and bad anatomy just makes for lots of laughs.

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I could do this all day 

She will fit into your favorite moba game very good character garanteed

Edit: Holy shit it’s a joke please stop tagging this as reference/helpful/wow so good please stop using this as reference please stop thinking this is your goal please stop holy crap holy cRAP

You need to seriously re-evaluate  yourself if you believe the incredibly narrow and offensive things in these gifs oMgGG

BEST REFERENCE EVER GUYZ, everybody should learn from this!

Seriously though, this is an A+ perfect joke, and also sadly on point and accurate.

Even though this a joke, I really do like those hand.

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A mouth-watering fuck-ton of hand angle references.

By Shadowcross on DA.