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Commission for - - melody s k a i on gaiaonline

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Commission for Empty Rice Bowl of their OC on gaiaonline.

Commission for tiggerluvme on gaiaonline.

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Stupid Kageyama, don’t you know you always check before just walking into a stall?

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aaaa i got to collab w/ the gr8 lunarinsanity (who draws things here attackoncupcake) and aaaaaaa it looks so pretty and im in love

designs from her au

4 weeks ago (9 )

I have way too much fun finding this stuff on lamepokemonart. This was supposedly a mega absol gijinka. She looks like a Victoria Secret model gone horribly wrong.

4 weeks ago (1 )

Found this mangled thing on lamepokemonart. Poor Brendan was put in the yaoi blender. He not only suffers from seme body (those yaoi hands!!) but from uke face as well. What a mess.

Commission for nyebe on gaiaonline.

Commission on gaiaonline for So SexuaI.

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You know when you try to draw hands and you finally get the shape right but then you look end result and justimage

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