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I was inspired in part by this post and in part by all the Marco hate going on in the SnK fandom right now (including the fact that he’s constantly forgotten in 104th art. Really people? He was in the 104th too!).

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Found this on dA. As I said, it was titled “Girl Power”. I really hope this person doesn’t actually think that this is what girls fight like (or look like for that matter). Otherwise I’m very scared for the future of anime, cartoons, and comic books.

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About artists on tumblr


I am seriously so tired of people on tumblr only reblogging a couple of popular artists’ works and ignoring all the others, while there are so many undiscovered gems here. If people can press the ‘like’ button, then why is it so hard to press the ‘reblog’ button? Is your finger…

Commission for - - melody s k a i on gaiaonline

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Commission for Empty Rice Bowl of their OC on gaiaonline.

Commission for tiggerluvme on gaiaonline.

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Stupid Kageyama, don’t you know you always check before just walking into a stall?

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aaaa i got to collab w/ the gr8 lunarinsanity (who draws things here attackoncupcake) and aaaaaaa it looks so pretty and im in love

designs from her au

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I have way too much fun finding this stuff on lamepokemonart. This was supposedly a mega absol gijinka. She looks like a Victoria Secret model gone horribly wrong.

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Found this mangled thing on lamepokemonart. Poor Brendan was put in the yaoi blender. He not only suffers from seme body (those yaoi hands!!) but from uke face as well. What a mess.